Sugar Rush Boy, Mixed media , 40×60 cm, € 125


Dijkstraat 6-3
6701 CJ Wageningen |

I’m a street artist in the broadest sense of the word. I find my inspiration and materials by having a good look around when I’m outside, always on the lookout for a story that needs be told and how that should be done. I use perishable materials to create abstracts for the docile masses. I always finds myself amazed about things such as banality, aggression, war, anonymity, commerce and the vulgarity of contemporary media. I attempt to visualise this amazement in my work to show the world its true face and, more importantly, to show what is lurking behind that.

To do this I roam the streets of European cities on foot or by foldingbike with a large shopping bag in hand that I fill up with the trash from human manifestations during my trips. My current preference is thick layers of weathered posters that I peel off layer by layer, in much the same manner as I do in my work relating to human behaviour and the spirit of the times that originated from. By doing so, I hope to find new answers to my questions on human behaviour and a world in which apathy and acceptance are closely related.